Intensive Basso Continuo Course – Individual Mode



This is an individualized version of my “Intensive Basso Continuo Course” online. Available in Level 1: Basic and in Level 2: Intermediate.

Just for you and whenever you want.

In the classes, it will be just you and me. You can ask all the questions you want and you will have 100% of my attention at all times.



4 sessions of 2 hours (8 hours in total).

Being an individualized course, I can adapt to your learning curve, stopping more wherever you need and advancing faster in the contents that you handle with greater ease.



When you want and at the pace you want!
We just have to coordinate our agendas and place the 4 sessions at the time and on the days that interest you the most (also available on weekends).



Between the first and the last scheduled session, there cannot be more than a month of separation. During that month of work, you can distribute the sessions how and when you want up to a maximum of three sessions on the same day (it wouldn’t be the first time!).



I teach the same content as in the group courses. The course also includes all the Didactic Units in PDF and the extra material of each Level. At the end, you will also receive the accrediting diploma.

More detailed information about the contents of the course and its levels can be found here.



If you want, you can buy the course to give away this Christmas. The deadline for scheduling classes will be 6 months. I’ll give you a personalized gift card.


Term: Open (6 months from the date of purchase)
Dates and time: the one you want
Price: 360 euros 320 euros (launch offer according to agenda)
Includes: 8 hours in 4 sessions of Level 1 or Level 2 + Didactic Units + the corresponding diploma




For any information, you need to clarify, write to me at